Volume 1 No. 3(September 2012)

Retail Landscape in India an Analysis
    By Dr. A. Jayakumar, K. Geetha
Awareness of Life Insurance- A Study of Jammu And Kashmir State
   By Altaf Ahmad Dar
An Analysis of Medium Size Branch of A Nationalise Bank in Offering Modern Services to Customers and its Business Growth
   By Bhuvana Venkatraman
The Women’s Community in Higher Education: Practice and Critique
    By Dr. Madhumita Purkayastha
Self Help Groups And Micro-Finance Through Bank Linkage A Study of Coastal Women Community in Kerala
    By Dr. MAKESH K. G, Dr. MINIMOL M. C
A Review: Women Entrepreneurship “An era of transition”
    By Dr. Satish Chand Sharma, Vikas Verma, Dr. Surendra Kumar
Traditional Media of Communication as Tools For Effective Rural Development and Health Awareness: A Case Study of Garwha District and Village Dalko of Jharkhand State
    By Ajay Kumar Pandey, G.P.Pandey, K.M Pandey
Emerging Trend in Stock Market: What to Conclude?
   By Mr. Mukesh R.Goyani, Mr. Jignesh P.Vaghela
Systematic Investment Plan V/S Other Investment Avenues in Individual Portfolio Management (A Comparative Study)
   By Dr. Punita Soni, Mrs. Iram Khan
A study on The framing of headlines in the news sites www.thehindu and www.thenewindianexpress about the fall of LTTE in Sri Lanka for a period from 1st January to 31st May 2009
   By R. Rama Prabha
Future of Management Education : Creating A learning Environment
   By Dr. Rinku Batrani, Mrs. Ranjna Babbar
Corporate Initiatives in Indian Agriculture and an Impact on inclusive Growth: An Assessment
   By Ms. Simrit Mann
Analytical Analysis of Clustering Algorithms to Boost the Competence of the Network Intrusion Detection System
   By Sonam Lowry
An Efficient Data Locality Driven Task Scheduling Algorithm for Cloud Computing
   By Vaishali W. Thawari, Sachin D. Babar, Nitin A. Dhawas
Socio Psychological Security in Choosing Profession: A Case Study of Youth Doing Professional Courses in Lucnow City
   By Dr. D. S. Chaubey, Dr. Suman Yadav, Dr. Viveak Mishra
Comparative study on effectiveness of performance appraisal techniques in Public Sector and Private Sector in India
   By Sanjita Tandon
Soft Skills Training Versus Hard Skills Training
   By Shivanjali
SHG – Bank Linkage Programme
   By B.V. Anantha Ramu, Dr B.Ramachandra Reddy