Volume 4 No. 3(June-2015)

Importance Of Brand Awareness In Purchase Decision Of FMCG Products For Consumers: A Comparison Between Urban, Semi Urban And Rural Markets
   By Mr. Arun Kumar Singh, Dr. Malini Majumder
Strategic Human Resource Management
   By Asjad Usmani, Rekha Dahiya
Critical Review of Prime Minister Jan Dhan Yojana: A step towards Financial Inclusion
   By Daman Jeet
A Study of Factors Influencing Tourist Destination Image
    By Dr. Usha Arora, Deepti Dabas Hazarika
Evaluating Banking Service Quality From Customer Perspective In Pondicherry
    By Dr.D.Saravanan
Employee Retention In Selected Banks At Udaipur City Using Retention Models: An Empirical Study
    By Prof. Meera Mathur, Miss Dimpy Suhalka
Network Security From Sybil Attack
    By Jyoti Sambharya
Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System
    By Mr. Lovkesh Kumar, Ms. rashmi, Dr. Pushpender Sarao
A Study To Measure Self And Job Satisfaction Of Nursing Service Provider
    By Mainak Mukherjee
RED Routing Algorithm in Active Queue Management for Transmission Congesstion Protocol
    By Manu Yadav, Dr. Pushpender Sarao
A study on work life balance at State Bank of Mysore
    By Monica M
Conceptualization Of Data Mining Technique Using Apriori Algorithm In The Analysis Of Sales And Consumer’s Purchasing
    By Ms. Nitika Siger
The Concept Of Sustainable Development: Indian Perspective
Ethics In Advertisement And Impact On Women And Children
    By Dr. Rajesh Kumar Mahajan
Dynamic Load Balancing In Web Server Systems
    By Ms. Rashmi
A Labour Reforms In India:Need And The Progress Made So Far
    By Sakshi Kuchhal
Stability Criteria Of Fully Connected Hopfield Artificial Neural Network
    By Sarika Saini
Settling Time Improvement of Piezoelectric Actuated Nanopositioning System Using Fuzzy Logic Based PID Controller
    By Dr. Sheilza Jain
Full Cost Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Management: A Study with Reference to Mysore City Corporation on PPP Basis
    By Dr. Veena K.P., Ms. Shilpa D.
Biometric Template Security using a Composite Approach
    By Ms. Versha Tomer.
Nasa’s High Definition Earth Viewing
    By Akankshaa
Effective Public-Private Partnership for Innovation – An Indian experience :,Issues and prospects
    By Prof.(Dr.)RashmiGujrati
A Study on the Effect of Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction on the Retention ofIT Employees in Chennai.
    By Dhanalakshmi R V, Dr K Balanaga Gurunathan
Neuro - Perspective In Managerial Decision - Making Efficacy
    By Lt Col (Dr) J Satpathy
Removing Security Issues Of Ipv6 Using Diffie Hellman Algorithm
    By Manjeet
The Study of Active Learning with Evolving Streaming Data
    By Shruti Jain, Pushpender Sarao
An Approach To Reveal Website Defacement
    By Garima Singh, Dr. Pushpender Sarao
Study of Routing Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks
    By Deepak Kumar, Pushpender Sarao
Globalization: The Future of Indian Economy
    By Dr. Monika Tushir Bohra
Financial Inclusion and Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna
    By Dr. Monika Tushir Bohra
Privacy Of Data In Data Mining For Partitioned Data