Volume 1 No. 2(July 2012)

Prospects and Problems of MSMEs in India- A Study
    By Dr. A. S. Shiralashetti
Awareness and Usage of Information Resource Management through Mobile Alerting Services among College Students in Trichirappalli City: A Study
   By A.VICTOR, Dr V. Geetha, S. Kameswaran
A Contemporary Sustainable Strategy: Green Marketing
    By Asha Shrama, Terjani Goyal
Usages of Mobile Phone by Rural Consumers: With Special Reference to Collegian Students of Palanpur Taluka
    By Brijesh H Joshi, Apurva B Mehta, Bhautik A Patel, Kalpesh Patel
Behavioral Finance: Testing Applicability on Indian Investors
    By Dr. Deepak Sahni
S.E.Z or No S.E.Z
    By Dr. Goutam Chatterjee
Mass Communication and Rural Development: A Study of Palamau Commissionery of Jharkhand State
    By Ajay Kumar Pandey, G. P. Pandey, K. M. Pandey
Changing Attitude of Indian Stakeholders in E-Ticketing: Literature Review and Research Agenda
    By Seema Tomar, Dr. Anita Gupta
Need Based Motivation in NGO Workers with Special Reference to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
   By Dr. Payal Upadhyay, Suruchi Sharma
Issues and Challenges Faced By Women Entrepreneurs and Their Training Needs
   By Sweta Saurabh
A Study on VIPs’ (Visually Impaired Person) Perception of CRM Efforts of the Banks in India
   By G.Vinod Kumar, S. Victor Anand Kumar
Emergence of SFS Lecturers in Indian Higher Education And Their Job Satisfaction
   By Archana Bhatia
Training, Development and Compensation Practices in Selected Industrial Ceramic Units in Gujarat
   By Dr. Abhinav Patel, Dr. Kamlesh Rajput, Amruta Patel
Mobile Ad-hoc Network: A Special type of Wireless Ad-hoc Network
   By Anil Kumar Bisht