Volume 2 No. 1(January-2013)

Role of Information Technology in Indian Banking Sector
    By Prof. M.C. Sharma, Abhinav Sharma
Innovative Financing Model for Health Insurance Coverage's in INDIA
   By Anand M B, Jayaramaih.N N
Imapct of Regional Rural Banks on Rural Farmers - A Case Study of Belgaum District
   By Dr. B. S. Navi
Indian Urbanization under Globalization; Development or Delusion!
    By Dr. SR.Keshava
Analysis of Online Shopping Behavior of Customer in Kota City.
    By Dr.payal upadhyay, Jasvinder Kaur
Social Background, Mass Media Exposure and Rural Developmental Awareness: A Case Study of Palamau Commissionery of Jharkhand State
    By Ajay Kumar Pandey, G.P.Pandey, K. M. Pandey
A Macro to Micro Study on the History of Milk Cooperatives Across the Globe
   By Prof. L.R.S.Mani
Employee Empowerment-A Longterm Strategy
   By Mrs D.L.K.Rathna
Corporate Governance and Role of Clause 49 of Listing Agreement in India
A study on Entrepreneurship (With Special Reference to Visakhapatnam City)
   By Ranjit Kumar Siringi
Intellectual Property Rights and Competiton Law: Exploring Some Issues Of Relevance In The Light Of Trips
   By Shamsul Rahman, P.K. Abdur Raheem
Issues of Performance Appraisal
   By Dr. Ramesh Mittal, Neerja Kaushik
Employee Empowerment: A Conceptual Framework
   By Virender Kumar Arora
Use of Technology for CRM: A Comparative Study of Leading Indian Banks
   By Dr. Amit Chakrapani
Encryption Using Different Techniques:A Review
   By Dimple
FDI In Retailing: Prospects And Challanges
   By Chand Saini, Nisha malik